10 Feb 2012 Teddy Day SMS, Scraps, Greetings, Wishes, Cards & Wallpapers

14th Feb in the Roman calendar is day to express love and gratitude to the people who are adjacent to your hearts. Every occasion is made on an record of any historical background of that special date or day. 14th February is also carrying an essential and exciting record behind him. This day is understood to get originated as a Christian sacred festival conformity a saint. This is one of those reasons that this day is individual times denoted with name saint valentine’s day. The period from where this celebration got its birth was in backward to ancient Rome of 270 AD. It was due to a conflict and the sacrifice of a christianity priest saint valentine who was a bid booster of lovers and couples in whose memory this day is celebrated and is called the valentine day. This christian hoodooism was a advocate of love and affection which was opposed and neglected by the governance embody of the monarch Claudis.

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Another relationship of this day is that this represents the welcome of springs as in many of the countries in the sphere welcomes springs in nearly mid of Feb. This day is also related with the union season of the birds as it is believed that the bird’s moves out of their nests and look for their match.The present views of valentine describes that it is the source of expressing love, sincerity and promises. This day has just enlarged the grandness of expressing the love for someone special which is missing in the current era big term. This day mainly reflects the romantic love initially but now as this day is gaining much and much concentration throughout the sphere mainly in the west now this day is related with every loved ones of an individual which can be the parents, brothers and sisters and the relatives. This festival has still some controversies and oppositions as it is still advised as the Christian festival. This day is now celebrated more as a commercial day around the globe. Specific greeting game expressing the love for each other, specific gifts representing the feelings and special parties and collecting at various pubs and restraunts reflects the economic grandness of this primary day throughout the ghumanity. Whatever the world thinks about this particular day or whoever opposes this festival this day is getting standing and reputation throughout the group and every time it is fglorious with more and much spirit and liveliness and emotional feelings.

Teddy Day SMS 2012

By Gifting You This Teddy

I Want To Show I am Ready

To Make You Mine

And Fill My Life With Sunshine

Happy Teddy Day”

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